The original title for this post was "Retirement". Then I changed it, because we all know nothing is permanent, and often a little change is all we need.

With many of my life decisions, I suddenly see a path and take it. Quickly, without looking back. If something feels right, go. If something doesn't feel right, adios.

When I started this blog in 2010, it was for fun. The posts are ridiculous, but it was an outlet for my two favorite things: Storytelling and photography. Fixing up our first house, taking our dog (did you know we have 2 of them? And a cat) to doggie day care and dog parks. Then children came and I had a third favorite thing.

When I put all three together (and often added food), people started to notice. I got compliments and I got questions. Moms in Columbus wanted to DO the things I was doing, and that was fun to introduce people to the wonderful sights and tastes of Columbus. I reformatted the blog in 2015 to fully embrace this idea and made it my mission to carry the story of Cbus to Columbus parents.

It was while on a lunch date with my husband on Friday that I had a mortifying and humbling realization. We were on a lunch date. On a really nice patio! Eating calamari! And he asked "is this going on Instagram?"  He didn't turn it into an argument, and he was just joking.

But when social media takes the place of real life (and it has), it is time to reevaluate and see where this blog is taking me. I LOVE going out to eat, I LOVE taking my kids to new places. And it is amazing when I meet followers in real life and they say that the blog has helped them experience Columbus with their children. That is fulfilling. But there is more than sharing the location and details of each special place in our city...there is heart.

But the "mom blog" scene in Columbus has changed. And for the better! There are suddenly lots of us, and that is OK. But any of my friends can tell you, I thrive on being different. It is in my blood to go against the grain and I am tired of creating something that doesn't seem necessary anymore.

I am tired of creating lists instead of watching Netflix, tired of creating original content that I think will get shares and likes (and it usually doesn't and WHO CARES?) , and tired of not choosing beauty.

That's the trouble. I want to tell the story through my lens. To show you beautiful photos of kids in an apple orchard, a bright orange leaf that makes my heart explode, and a portrait of my dad for no reason at all. My soon-to-be nephew, whose mama I loved photographing on our vacation. I don't want to worry about including the hours of operation and if there is a nursing station, or the details of how to visit our favorite vacation spot. I know you'll understand.

I'm not getting paid to do this and I do have a full time job with 45 children who also count on me to be spending time innovating for them too (current project is replacing my entire library of books, which is falling apart). And, as one of my best friends pointed out recently, my kids aren't going to be little forever. There is no long term future in writing about spots that won't be relevant for my little ones in 3 years (so depressing).

I am not retiring this blog at all. But the time has come for me to return to what I love. The content will change. I'm not sure of the exact path, but it will include more posts about first days of school, a fabulous food tour, roadtrips, anniversaries, and the beauty of this life. I have some commitments and partnerships that I value and want to continue, but will not be seeking sponsors or ads (though I am always open to them if they fit our values).

And I am so happy that this change will allow me to pursue my passions without the pressure of keeping up with ANYONE. Doing MY thing, and documenting life. For a while now, I've wondered, "Is this blog leading me to something bigger?" And yes, it is. I will be pursuing my photography career and freelance writing for sources that bring me joy while using the blog to document our family story in Columbus. You'll still see our favorite places and brand new places, but less about the details and more about our experience.

Thanks, as always, for following along.


shoregazer said...

Hi Stacie, metamorphis is always good! I have always enjoyed your blog - your writing and photos and stories are beautiful! Your blog posts are a modern way of memory keeping - and if you're not doing so already, please save and print copies of your posts and photos. These are capturing the memories of your life - happy, sad, routine, extraordinary - these are the memories of your lives that the kids, Matt and you will treasure forever!

Diaper bag Diaries said...

Good for you! There is a lot of pressure out there for a blog to be a certain way or follow certain guidelines, but it's whatever YOU make it to be! Good for you for doing what you feel in your heart is best and we will keep following along on the journey. :)

Amy Onifer said...

You are so talented with all that you do. Can't wait to follow your changing journey.

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