Homecoming 2016

It was January 2001 when I transferred from monstrous Ohio State to little Otterbein College after one disastrous quarter at OSU. I knew I needed the accountability of a smaller school, and I thrived there for the next 3.5 years. A huge part of this was due to pledging to Theta Nu.

I'll spare you all the details, but pretty much as soon as I started school, I went through rush and immediately had built-in friends. Some people laugh at the idea like it's "buying friends", but it was the perfect way for me to start fresh and join a group of girls who are still my friends.

Every fall, we try to go back to Homecoming, but I think this was Rhys' first time. They loved it!  Minus the confetti cannon blasting into power lines during the parade and me almost crying over the parking situation, it was the perfect morning with my sisters and our little Violets...

The theme was super heroes, so this guy was loving it. 

You ain't nothin, Spiderman...

Clapping along to the Theta Nu cheer

Candy thrown at you: Obviously the best part of parades. 

And active sisters who need to be added to my babysitting list...

Alumnae plus our spawn

Mommy, don't step on it. 

The line for the bouncy houses was out of control, so we walked uptown for Schneider's donuts, cookies, and a loaf of amazing pecan roll bread. 

Future cardinals??

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