A Year at Goldfish

It is hard to believe it has been over a year since we started our swim journey with Goldfish swim school. Our first lesson consisted of tears from all three of us, and the staff was so supportive that we kept going. By week three, we were sold!  I am grateful for the opportunity, and even more grateful to watch from the outside of the pool as my kids form trust with their instructors and grow every week.

The kids began as hesitant swimmers, afraid to put their faces in or sometimes to even get in the water at all. We had embarrassing nights (a lot of them) filled with screams and tears. I feel for those parents when I see it happen around us, because we have been there.

But look at them now!

Rhys is in a class without me (game changer), and is doing a great job trying to swim to the island (with help), wear goggles, and showing his safety skills (click clacks along the wall).

Larkyn is still in the same swim level, as she is unsure of herself in areas where she needs to show independence. But, she is putting her face in and is willing to try many new skills at an increasing speed.

Last week, I saw her jump from the wall to the island, inhaling a huge gulp of water. She was upset and I thought "Well, that't the end of this lesson". Nope. It looked like her instructor was able to give a good balance of "dust yourself off" and "oh poor baby", and she was over it in about a minute. That is huge for this little girl. Just this summer, you can see that she needed assistance going to the island. But now, she just jumps!

When we go on vacations now, the kids are excited for pools and hot tubs. Before our swim experience at Goldfish, we would have to take turns watching the kids and swimming, because they wouldn't go near it.

When I ask the kids, "Where do you go if you fall into water?", they know the answer. Back to the wall. The fact that this experience could equip them with lifesaving skills is not lost of me. With one kiddo in school, a full job time, and a side gig of photo shoots and editing, there is precious little time for anything extra. But this 30 minutes per week is important.

I am so proud of my little swimmers and again, and so thankful for the gift of Goldfish swim school.

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