It has been almost half a year since I've written. I have wanted to, thought about it, but just haven't done it. A few weeks ago, a friend said "I miss your blogging." I said, "There are plenty of people blogging about what to do in Columbus, and they are much more focused than I was..." To which she replied, "No. I mean I miss your voice."  Oh.

If you have followed along my social media path (Facebook and Instagram), you have heard me complain (sorry) about the way 2017 has unfolded. It has been one big steaming pile of job dissatisfaction, working my tail off for a different job that was dissolved after I interviewed, Our house almost burning down and the subsequent smoke cleaning, and most recently the unexpected death of my father in law on May 18th.

Suffice to head has been absolutely churning with ideas, but no time to get them out. Until I was scouring my father in law's Facebook page to collect photos for his funeral video. In between the alternating photos of grandkids and cars, there were links to all my posts. He complimented them and shared my writing with his friends. I had no idea, but it motivated me.

So, where to begin?  I have a lot of ideas. But I'll start with a favorite tradition of ours and our fresh breath of summertime...strawberry picking.
 First, I'll start with the time my heart exploded. His face might be slightly unfocused, but that strawberry smile kills me.

 This one is titled "I wanted you to see the back of her dress"

 Pretty sure this kiddo will have a farm one day. 

 He's stolen my heart. Sometimes he throws it back at me when he is hauling ass through a serene field of flags, but for the most part...I'll keep him.

Pig: "Uh, yeah...were you going to give me something to eat, or....?"

And I did mention we were picking berries, right?  We got a little caught up with the farmer's animals and the "Old MacDonald had a Farm", which is what Rhys calls anything resembling a barn.

 Everything is a race. Everything. 

 "Look, mom. I'm a tree. Can you see me?"

 And this guy, who won't touch a strawberry at home, did the old "pick one, eat one". 

 I was so proud of both of them. The last two years with this activity have been my cardio for a week, chasing him up and down the rows.

 She got a sour one!

 This efficient little lady filled up two containers. No idea what we are going to do with them.

 Sorry. No, I'm not. 

This makes me wonder what or who was behind me.

Like I said, we have done this every year since Rhys was born, so this is our 4th picking. Definitely, definitely our easiest. No wipe-outs in the parking lot, no electric fence scares, and no Olympic sprint competitions. I'd say our summer has started off on the right foot. 

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