A Million Reasons to Love Summer

And none of them involve scrolling on my phone. I am trying HARD to break my addiction of mindless phone-wandering. My brain has become wired to want to see all the pretty things and stay "informed" on what national holiday it is or what sort of buffoon comment will come from the podium of #45. I digress. 

This summer, there are so many other things to look forward to that will make me forget about my phone. Like breakfast on the deck and the first two hours with no devices (except for me because our neighbor's awesome dog barks at 5 AM, so I will do some scrolling then, thank you). 

Like going to the farm. I tell ya, Stratford is the perfect place to forget about phones and everything else while they play until it's significantly past nap time. I am so happy we met up with our friends from The Diaperbag Diaries for the day.

And yes, catching up with friends in general. We went to a concert today and the kids were so excited to see neighbors, school friends, and the Shazzbots. I am taking the kids to the sitter once  week-ish this summer to allow more time for actual conversation over adult food. 

Let it be known that this child, does indeed like music, as long as no one acknowledges it.

Staying out late. I LOVE for those summer nights when we are drowsily driving (Don't worry, I'm not the drowsy one) home from a night well-spent as the sun sinks over a favorite park or in the backyard of a friend. 

Lunches at home. This is a weird one, but I do not miss trying to figure out lunch for myself and Larkyn each day. We are much healthier (and save $!) by foraging out of our fridge of few months.

All the meals will be spent outside until further notice!

Purging stuff. I can't get it out of here fast enough. 

E! on TV.  Not sure if that is any better than the phone, but I feel like following a storyline is probably good for my mental strength (ha!)  I am not going to go as far as saying I will read a novel this summer, but we can hope. 

Planning my big move to second grade is going to be good for my mind. I mentioned in my last post that I was struggling to find enjoyment and was a little stagnant in my 12 year kindergarten position. The only way to grow sharper is to try something new or throw a good old challenge into the mix, in my opinion. I hope to use this summer to plan my classroom, my first few weeks, and get to know what second grade is all about. 

So, that wasn't a million. Do you find yourself wanting to look at your phone 1,000 times per day? 

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