The County Fair

Growing up, I wasn't on any sports teams until I was in high school. I tried lots of things, but had only one passion: training and showing horses. So, the Franklin County Fair was my favorite week of the year. Memories of being so filthy that I could be hosed off along with my horse, hearing the tractor pull and midway games while trying to concentrate on riding, and just being a kid at the fair will always stay with me. 

This year, the Franklin County Fair turns 100!  Taking young kids to the fair is not for the faint of heart. It is HOT, there are lines, and they will want ALL the things. Luckily, county fairs are much smaller, so it's much more doable than the state fair. And it's one of those times when I, personally, just have to remember how much fun it was as a kid and suck it up, because watching them enjoy it is pretty awesome. And so is funnel cake. 

If you want to go, I listed a few suggestions at the bottom. 

The shaded and cooled Childrens Hospital Tent was our first stop. 

Followed by seeing all the 4H animals. Hands in the cage, I know. 

This guy was our favorite. He was totally calling us over from aisles away with the goofiest sound. 

Insert cry-laugh emoji here. They LOVE these things.

One of our favorite stops was the County Engineer's tent, with a truck table, amazingly arctic-feeling fan, and chairs. They also have generous swag bags that kept Larkyn busy the whole ride home. If you are into maps and learning about the construction all over Columbus, this was pretty interesting.

Weaver Park is attached to the fairgrounds, and had so many fun (and photo-friendly) things for climbing. 

He discovered the horn. Ever heard a 1920s Ford horn?

Also, when she got up, she found a "KEEP OFF" sign that was sitting in the seat. Whoops. So, keep off of this car. 

Sweet little church, sweet little girl watching the birds. 

First midway game. The lady who ran this game was so kind to them, letting him sit up there and giving him a little parting gift, even though she won.

By the time the rides opened, we had been there for two hours and he was kiiiiind of over it. Until this started going up and down. Then my little adrenaline junkie was back. 

My favorite moments with this girl have been on a carousel. 

She's keeping him out, because he has this "thing" with waiting for the operator to open the door. 

Thanks, mom for taking this and coming with us! 

Of course there will be whining and the usual kid-stuff x 100, but it is so worth it. If you want to go, I'd suggest: Not going early. We start most days with an adventure beginning by 10:00. This should be the exception, because the rides and most food do not open until 12:00. I saw a (smart and prepared) moms group in Weaver park with picnic food while we were trolling the food trucks and melting. Get the ride wristband. So much easier than tickets, and you never know when they'll want to ride something twice. Take breaks in those two tents I mentioned above. There is very easy and free parking on Northwest Parkway, which is off Avery Road. And on Saturday 7/22, there will be  Made Local Marketplace craft show. 

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